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Q: How old does a boy or girl need to be to join The St. Andrew’s Choristers?

      A: Boys and girls can join when they are at least 8 years old or in 3rd grade. A 7-year-old can join in September if his or her eighth birthday in within the next few months. The reason for this is because choristers will need to be able to read fairly fluently from the Hymnal and Prayer Book and to be able to hold their attention for rehearsals and Sunday services.

Q: Is there an audition to be in The St. Andrew’s Choristers?

      A: Yes. The primary reason is for the Choirmaster to assess the potential of the boy or girl with respect to their ability to match pitches and follow simple instructions. This is also a time to ascertain if the prospective Chorister has the desire to be in the program.

Q: What happens in an audition?

      A: Prospective Choristers are asked to read a few verses of psalms; to sing back notes and a few melodic patterns after they are played on the piano; and to answer a few simple questions about music. They are also asked to sing a simple song such as Happy Birthday or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The best way to prepare for an audition is to get a good night’s sleep and to relax.

Q: Do children have to be members of St. Andrew’s Church to participate in the choir?

      A: No. The choir is open to all children, regardless of their religious affiliation. The chief requirement is that the prospective Chorister and their parents commit to the schedule of rehearsals and services.

Q: What do the Choristers wear and do we need to purchase anything?

      A: First, you will not need to purchase anything – everything the Choristers need to wear for the services in which they sing is provided by St. Andrew’s Church. The Choristers wear vestments: All choir members wear cassocks (red) and surplices (white) are worn by choristers and adults. Choristers also wear neck ruffs as well as ribbons with colors corresponding to their rank.

Q: Will the St. Andrew’s Choristers be involved in special services or concerts outside of St. Andrew’s Church?

      A: Yes! As the program continues to grow and there are a sufficient number of older, more experienced Choristers, we will schedule a few concerts or Services of Choral Evensong during the year.

Q: Will the St. Andrew’s Choristers ever be involved in choir tours?

      A: Yes, this is a definite possibly in future years after the program has had some time to grow and expand and the Choristers have a few years of singing experience.

Q: Will there be optional / make-up choir rehearsals?

      A: No. They prevent choristers from being mutually accountable to one another; they prevent the group from bonding; and they prevent energetic teamwork that is required for the choir to excel.

Q: What happens to boy choristers when their voices change?

      A: They will undergo formal graduation from the chorister program. Those who wish to continue singing will have the option of joining the Parish Adult Choir.

Q: What happens if you miss a lot of rehearsals?

                A: Extended and chronic absences and tardiness will be reviewed by the Choirmaster followed by a discussion with the parents.