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Attendance at all rehearsals, services, and other functions of the choirs is expected. Any exceptions should be discussed with the Choirmaster as far in advance as possible. If for any reason a Chorister must be absent from rehearsals or service, please call (or text) Phil at 717-723-5560 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Every choir member is expected to be present and on time for every choir event. Please do everything possible to honor your choir commitment. Remember if you show up for 10:00 am rehearsal at 10:00 am you are already late. The commitment to the choir is one that should be taken very seriously by participants with the support of their families. Attention to faithful attendance, punctuality, and diligence ensures good morale within the choir and for each chorister. Please remember: Regular attendance is VITALLY IMPORTANT for each of the choristers. When they miss even one rehearsal or a Sunday service, they miss valuable instruction and singing experience and everyone misses them!