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With a thankful heart: Thanksgiving Bags 2021


With Thanksgiving approaching, we thank God for our many blessings, in church and around our tables.  How can we share our blessings with others who may not be as fortunate?  Many of our neighbors in the Phineas Davis community are often in need, but especially during these unprecedented times.  Food insecurity is a reality for some students across the street from St. Andrew’s.

The Outreach ministry would once again like to help by providing a Thanksgiving “feast in a bag” to these families.  Last year, we provided meals to 40 households in the school community.  The Social Worker has indicated that many are registered to receive food on a weekly basis all year, and at Thanksgiving, they would not be able to afford any “extras” to make the day special.  We hope, through your generosity, to give them meals to celebrate the holiday!  Anything we can do to help would be greatly appreciated by the families, and by the Phineas Davis staff who work with these children every day.

You will see Thanksgiving Bags in the lobby of the church, as well as a list of the requested items.  Please, if you feel moved by this Outreach opportunity, take one and fill it with the items listed below.  If you prefer not to shop, donations will be accepted by mail or in the offering plate to purchase food, as well as gift cards for turkeys.

The filled bags must be returned to the church lobby by Sunday, November 14th.  Phineas Davis staff will distribute the bags to their families in need, delivering them if necessary. 

Please consider taking part in this community outreach! THANK YOU, as always, for your generous spirit!


 □Canned corn & canned green beans

□Canned sweet potatoes or yams

□Canned turkey gravy and/or packaged dry turkey gravy mix

□Boxed stuffing mix (not bags)

□Boxed instant mashed potatoes

□White rice (2 lb. packages)

□Corn bread mix

□Canned cranberry sauce

□Canned fruit (peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, or applesauce)

□Cake mix and canned frosting

□Jarred baby food (meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals – 1 or 2 of each)

Please buy enough to feed a family of 5.

If you have any questions, please call or email Susan Reardon