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The Vestry is the governing board of an Episcopal parish consisting of the Rector, the Senior Warden, and lay members including the Junior Warden. The Rector presides at meetings of the vestry (or, in his absence, the Wardens), which handle the parish's business and temporal matters and serves as a council of advice for the Rector. Lay members of the Vestry are elected at a Parish Annual Meeting.

St. Andrew's Vestry meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, except during the summer months during which the Vestry meets on an as needed basis. Vestry meetings are open, and members of the parish are invited to attend and listen in on the discussions and work the vestry does each month.


  • Harry Snell III, Senior Warden
  • Chris Miltsch, Junior Warden
  • Susan Reardon


CLASS 2020

  • Dave Garrett
  • Chris Miltsch, Junior Warden
  • Eileen Sullivan


CLASS 2019

  • Kathleen O'Malley
  • Susan Reardon, Vestry Clerk
  • Harry Snell III, Senior Warden


CLASS 2018

  • Gerry Davis
  • Alyce Peiffer
  • Bert Myers



  • Susan Reardon


Each Vestry member serves as a liaison between the church leadership and a lay committee.

Named below are the committee liaisons:

Christian Education -------------- Eileen Sullivan

Fellowship ------------------------- Alyce Peiffer

Finance ----------------------------- Harry Snell III, Chris Miltsch, David Strausbaugh

Growth------------------------------ Alyce Peiffer

Human Resources ---------------- Harry Snell III, Senior Warden

Investment------------------------- David Strausaugh, Treasurer

Mutual Ministry -------------------- Bert Myers

Outreach --------------------------- Susan Reardon

Property ---------------------------- Chris Miltsch, Jr. Warden

Stewardship ----------------------- Eileen Sullivan

Worship & Music ------------------ Kathleen O'Malley, Alyce Peiffer