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Beginning in 2007, the Stewardship Committee began an effort to inform all members, including children, that they are called to serve God with time, talent and treasures. In other words, how do we use the gifts God gives us. Everyone has gifts.

As part of that effort, St. Andrew's has introduced a bold new way to enable members to share their treasures through online pledges and donations. Through a partnership with E-Giving, a leading provider of online donation receipt services for non-proft organizations world-wide, St. Andrew's is now able to accept online pledges and donations.

While E-Giving accepts a variety of options, the Vestry made the decision not to accept credit card donations. We do not want people to incur personal debt to pay the church. In our view, that is poor stewardship

Please take time to read through the material below to gain a fuller understanding of how E-Giving works and how it may fit your lifestyle.


Safe and Convenient

Electronic giving is both safe and convenient, giving you the flexibility of submitting a one-time or immediate donation, scheduling a donation for a future date, or setting up a recurring payment, for example every week or once a month.  Payments are made directly from your bank account, electronically, so there is no need to write checks or carry around cash for your donations.  Another nice feature is that no matter how you chose to set up your payments, you will always receive a receipt for your donation.


Get Started Today

To get started, you will need your bank account number and your bank's routing number (both of which are on the bottom of your checks), and a few minutes to go through the simple process. You will begin by clicking the "E-Giving" link below which will bring up a new window (or tab), asking that you log in. Click the red "Not signed up yet? Sign up here!" link to create an account with our online giving partner, E-Giving.


One-Time or Recurring Donations

Making a donation on your schedule has never been easier than with E-Giving. You can go to the E-Giving site any time, day or night, and submit a donation, or schedule a one-time donation for any future date. This is particularly useful when setting up special donations for holidays or special events going on at St. Andrews. To make a donation right now, or to schedule a one-time donation for a future date, navigate to the E-Giving site, create an account or log into your existing account on E-Giving, click "Donation Page", and select either "Donate the above fund(s) now" or "Schedule the above fund(s) to be donated once on a future date."Many parishioners find that setting up a recurring donation, one that is done automatically on a regular basis, works best for them. It is easy to setup and gives you the same level of safety as writing a check each week or each month.

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