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Sunday Worship in Lent

Our worship in Lent has a more solemn tone.  Most noticeable is a slightly restructured form of the liturgy and the absence of proclaiming “Alleluia” (“Alleluia” (in Greek) or “Hallelujah” (in Hebrew) means “Praise God”).  While we certainly continue to praise God in Lent, we use Lent as a time to prepare to fully praise God on Easter for the great gift of Salvation brought through the Resurrection of Christ Jesus.

To help us focus on the solemn nature of Lenten worship, we will use “A Penitential Order” for the Holy Eucharist at all services during Lent.  The Penitential Order moves the Confession and Absolution to the beginning of the service.  This reminds us from the very beginning that we are redeemed sinners in constant need of seeking and receiving God’s love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. 

The Penitential Order also allows for the creative use of parts of the Liturgy that are not used frequently in our worship — primarily the Exhortation and the Decalogue.  Here’s a schedule for the Services in Lent 2021.


1st Sunday in Lent — Penitential Order with Exhortation

2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays in Lent — Penitential Order with Decalogue

3rd Sunday in Lent — The Great Litany (sung @ the 10:30 a.m. Service) with the Holy Eucharist



Weekday Worship in Lent

Each Wednesday in Lent our standard Midweek Week Chapel will continue.
Each Thursday in Lent we will virtually walk “The Stations of the Cross” at 6:00 p.m. (with optional in-person opportunities for individual devotions).


Period of Silence for Quiet Reflection before Worship

Silence is an integral part of worship.  More importantly, silence is a significant part of life — although many of us don’t get a lot of silence during the day.  To help center our worship and focus our attention even more on our 
self-reflection during Lent, we will begin each service with 5 minutes of intentional silence.  

If the service will have hymns and music, the period of silent reflection will begin after the prelude and conclude at the ringing of the church bell.  During this time of silence, resources will be available to help you in your reflection should you wish to use them.  This period of silence will be observed by the priest along with you.  The priest will kneel at the prayer desk as a sign that we are in a period of silent reflection.

          A note regarding the observations of silence at the beginning of virtual worship.  To help us observe this silence virtually, the “unmute” function will be disabled for the first portion of the service.  This will allow you to join the ZOOM room and not worry about muting yourself or staying muted.  After the service begins and the period of silence has concluded, the “unmute” function will be reactivated.  Fr. Grant will continue to mark the period of silent reflection by kneeling prior to the service.