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The great Season of Lent takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon word “lencten” which described the season of the year when “the days grow long”.  After the “short days” of winter, spring is heralded by the lengthening daylight.

The liturgical (and Spiritual) highpoint of Spring (and the Faith) is the great Feast of Easter.  Lent is the liturgical (Church) season that precedes Easter.  Lent is a time when we devote ourselves reflecting on the significance of Christ Jesus’
Resurrection for our individual lives as well as the welfare of all creation.

Lent is marked by the more solemn nature of our worship and multiple opportunities to hone one’s spiritual life and deepen one’s awareness of the faith.  Lent needs to be noticeably different so that the great services of Easter will be noticeably different.

At St. Andrew’s a variety of offerings are planned to help make your Lenten Journey as beneficial for you as possible.  Please take time to carefully consider the information contained here.  Make note now of the events and offerings you wish to take part in.  Prepare now for the joys of Easter.